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Blizzard announced that WoW Classic will soon include its first expansion, The Burning Crusade

If you're particularly nostalgic for the year 2007, then Burning Crusade Classic is for you. It's exactly what it sounds like: An expansion to World of Warcraft Classic that emulates what it was like to first step through the Dark Portal and into the shattered realms of Outland over a decade ago. It's here players will fight iconic WoW villains like Illidan, Kael'Thas, and all the nerds on the opposite faction who raced to level 70 and got flying mounts before you just so they could ambush and repeatedly gank you for hours on end. Fun times.

Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft Classic will soon include its first expansion, The Burning Crusade. If you're already level 60 in WoW Classic (or plan on getting there soon), having a whole new continent to explore is obviously exciting, but brand new players and everyone in between have a reason to get excited too: Blizzard will be offering a one-time level 58 character boost so you can jump straight into the Dark Portal when Burning Crusade Classic launches later this year. The catch? You have to pay for it, and you can only do it once.

As with WOW Classic, content from the original game will be rolled out in phases over time, so the raiding community can look forward to the Black Temple, Zul'Aman and the Sunwell opening up over the next year or so. But systemically, Burning Crusade Classic will actually start from the expansion's endpoint. "Our starting template is that final patch," Dawson said. "It is the class abilities, the class balance and everything that existed for the final version of Burning Crusade... and then we're going to go ahead and take a look at what else makes sense to change on top of that."

Faction Imbalance in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic
One potential issue that some World of Warcraft fans have likely been concerned about for Burning Crusade Classic is faction imbalance. In the original World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, only Blood Elf Paladins could use Seal of Blood, an ability which has a significant impact on damage dealt. Unique perks such as this, along with the popularity of Blood Elves overall, led to Horde becoming significantly more popular. Blizzard has already announced that both faction's Paladins will have access to the opposing factions Seal in Burning Crusade Classic, and steps like this should help to ensure balanced factions.

When does Burning Crusade Classic launch?
When Blizzard revealed Burning Crusade Classic at BlizzCon 2021, it only confirmed the expansion would be coming later this year. We don't have an exact release date quite yet.

That said, Blizzard has confirmed that a beta for Burning Crusade Classic will be starting up very soon and you can already opt in. Because the beta will probably kick off in the next few months, it's very likely that Burning Crusade Classic will launch later this summer or early fall.

For a long time World of Warcraft has sold level boosts so players can jump straight into the new expansion. When you buy Shadowlands, the current one for modern WoW, you get one of those level boosts for free, but you can also buy as many as you want.

But the level boost players can purchase in Burning Crusade Classic is going to have a lot more restrictions on it. Here's what we know so far:

    You can only purchase one level boost per account, since the intention isn't to let players skip leveling multiple characters but let those without level 60 characters jump into Burning Crusade right away.
    You cannot level boost a blood elf or draenei character (the two new races added in Burning Crusade)
    You can only use the boost on a Burning Crusade character. If you have a character that isn't transferring over to Burning Crusade Classic when it launches, you'll have to level it the old fashioned way.

Nostalgia is a powerful force, and memory is subjective. One of the oddest problems the team faces is that players' memories of the game - even the development team's own - can diverge a little from the facts. ("A lot," interrupts Longdale.) Should they remake the game as it was, or as players remember it?

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