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Contract Killer 2 Weapons Are the Key Factor In This Game

Contract Killer 2 hit Google Play. Since then, more than five hundred thousand people have downloaded the game and have given it very high ratings. Pretty good results for a sequel. As you may have taken from the title, you play as a deadly assassin who is highly efficient with a sniper rifle and other weaponry like shotguns, pistols, AR’s, etc. You must sneak your way into areas and then blow away all of the hostiles before they take you out first.The game is free to play, but for those who like using special equipment and receive extra perks, then you can choose to pay real money through in-app purchases. But, you do not need to pay to win.

Now for gameplay problems, Contract Killer 2 has several new modes which in my opinion are quite interesting. For example in a mission you are required to kill a gang leader, but other missions you must successfully reach a safe place within the specified time. For missions like this you can move inside the map by tapping the destination, your character will automatically move to that point and immediately take refuge like action films.

In addition to this shootout you can kill enemies in 2 new ways. The first is with a knife weapon that you can buy or by sneaking behind the enemy and tap when the indicator is in the yellow area. With two ways like this you will not cause the alarm to sound so that other enemies will not attack. In addition you will also receive bonuses for more money if you use melee weapons like this. In addition, Cheap Contract Killer 2 Accounts is on hot sale at our website z2u.com.

One thing that is quite different from the first Contract Killer is the absence of an energy system so you can play more often. Every time you complete a mission you will also certainly receive an exp that will make you level up so that your access to more powerful weapons will open.

Secondly, the shooting just isn't that much fun after you've been at it a while. It's not dynamic, it's not exciting, and the handful of areas used repeatedly begin to tire. The paucity of story leaves you little reason to keep going, too, and in the end there's simply nothing driving you forward to see more of the game.
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