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Cooking Battle takes Overcooked to the next level

Cooking battle is a game that has little in common with PC games or the Overcooked console. Where the task of the player in this game is to coordinate with other players to make dishes and serve the dishes that you have made to your customers. However, 3 out of 10 players who play the Cooking battle game will usually troll instead of helping, it makes you more troublesome. So this game is very important for you to play together with your friends.

This game takes Overcooked to the next level. You can still play the game with your friends as a team but let’s be honest, what’s the real fun here? In this game, instead of cooking with your friends, you will be fighting with your friends to get materials for preparation and cook them up to serve!

However, different from the Overcooked game, each character in Cooking Battle has different kinds of skills. For example, Mili has the ability to dash, Aoi who has passive to increase the points received every time he serves food, Bastet who has the ability to cut the food he carries and many more.

In all these mess, you can do a lot of thing like that you can annoy or slow them down. Things like durian bomb, swinging your huge rolling pin or even spill honey to slow them down!

There are a few modes that you can play within the game,

    Classic 2v2
        A Standard test for your cooking speed and cooperation
    Final order
        Apart from being speedy, you will also need luck and imagination to beat your opponents
    Free for all
        Maximize your speed to avoid being the first to be beaten out!
    Endless mode
        Complete a long-lasting cooking match together with your friends!
    Room mode
        Create a room yourself, invite friends to join you to cook together!

Other than that, there are also a lot of customizations that you can choose: from the skins of the chef and also maps with different layouts as well.

So, are you interested in playing this game? Players can download it on QooApp, because Google play store does not release the game in Indonesia.

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