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Far Cry New Dawn Specialists: Where to Find Nick Rye

Nick is being held at a small hilltop camp where the Highwaymen are forcing him to repair their vehicles. There are always 3-4 tier 3 Highwaymen protecting the camp. What's more, another group of Highwaymen patrol up and down the hillside path. As such, taking the camp stealthily can be tricky, especially without tier 3+ weapons. Once you clear out the Highwaymen, speak to Nick, who will explain his plan to escape; he has been rebuilding his old plane for the Twins, who want it for themselves, but he wants to use it to get back south to Prosperity. Follow him down a zip-line and to a nearby boat-shed where you'll find the Carmina, his plane. He does warn you that it's not exactly complete, and you may indeed notice that this plane lacks wings.
Expeditions are a brand new feature for the Far Cry series in Far Cry New Dawn, allowing players to travel beyond the borders of Hope County. Each of the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions will take you to a different site somewhere beyond Hope County; a Highwaymen Stronghold. You'll need to get in, find a special resource package, and then escape by helicopter before the Highwaymen swarm you.
If you played Far Cry 5, exploring the post-apocalyptic rendition of Hope Valley is eerily familiar. Farms and homes that you visited in the previous game are now in ruins, sometimes hiding dark secrets or useful supplies. With its cult theme, Far Cry 5 was filled with doomsday preppers, regular folks who built bunkers anticipating the end of the world. They were a fun diversion in the previous game, but in New Dawn they're some of the most bountiful places to uncover. One thing that remains the same is that New Dawn is still teeming with wildlife.
Supply drop alerts randomly pop up throughout the game so once you see one, look up to the plane in the sky and follow the falling loot box. If you miss it, don't fear because the game will show you where it's located anyway. These supply drops are vital because not only are they loaded with general goodies (like supplies for upgrading), they also contain that much-needed ethanol; somewhere between 30 and 50 units of it.
But if you dial down your Far Cry 5-style expectations of freedom and go with the flow, you run into these awkward predicaments far less often. Your guns feel like they do the damage they're supposed to, and enemies feel like they have an acceptable level of resistance. In fact, once you get access to the top-tier arsenal, things will start to swing wildly in your favor your guns will feel overpowered to the point where even shooting rank 1 enemies in the foot might be enough to take them out which feels great when you're getting overwhelmed.
The quickest way to earn Ethanol is to capture various Outposts in the game. There are 10 Outposts in the game and those can be spotted in the map by the black smoke coming out of them. Unlike previous games, Far Cry New Dawn uses a different approach towards liberating Outposts. In case you loved this short article and you want to receive more information concerning Cheap Far Cry New Dawn Credtis generously visit our internet site.  Once you have liberated an outpost, you will be rewarded with Ethanol plus additional Ethanol if you manage to do it through stealth.
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