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FIFA 18 ,Penalty and corner scoring

FIFA 18 penalties and corners look a bit different than the years before. Especially with a penalty it is now more difficult to score by accident but easier if you know what you are doing.

The biggest advantage with a FIFA 18 penalty is that you can now change your exact position even before you start running. And that you can adjust the direction of your shot until the last moment. You can now use the left stick just to aim back and not to get your player moving.

FIFA 18 corner scoring

Follow the steps below to kick the perfect corner and create a dangerous header opportunity:

Select a player: choose the player you want the ball to receive by pressing L1 / LB.
Place the corner: use the yellow cursor to indicate where the ball will come. Then press Square / X to give the desired force to the shot. Less power makes the ball float more power ensures a sharper cross. The cursor will now remain at that location.
Take your position: now move the player in the right position. The best is a place where he has to walk a few meters to get to the ball with a good speed.
Trap the corner: press Square / X again to launch ball.

Follow the steps below to kick and score the perfect FIFA 18 penalty:

A penalty starts when you choose a direction with LS or when you start charging the powerbar.
The direction of the penalty depends on two things: LS for the direction from left to right and the force for the direction from top to bottom.
For a high penalty you stop on 2.5 power bars.
For a low penalty you stop on 1.5 power bar.
You can change the direction of your approach with RS. This is useful to surprise your opponent.
You can change the direction of your penalty until the last moment. Do this just by moving LS at the last minute.
To turn the direction arrow on or off with a penalty press the D-pad upwards.

FIFA stop 18 penalties as goalkeeper

In some situations you are standing in the goal and resting on you the heavy task of stopping the ball. Be aware that there is no definitive method to keep the ball guaranteed but that it depends on luck. Sometimes you stop three balls in a row; sometimes you go off the field as a loser.

That does not mean however that you already have a goalkeeper powerless on the line. You can move with the left stick and with the right stick you dive on a ball.

However you do have some skills to confuse the shooter.

Press X or Square and the goalkeeper behaves like a matador. If you press B or Circle he points to one of the corners in the target. With Y or Triangle you behave like a paljas and with A or X he pushes his hips forward.

The best corners in our experience are those that fly to the first or last post. Most of the time here is to perform a good header.

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