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FIFA 21 on the next-generation platforms will be launching

FIFA 21 Coins It seems EA is late to the party with FIFA 21 on the next-generation platforms. The game will be launching on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles next week Friday 4 December nearly a month after the latest Xbox launched. Not launching the game alongside the consoles is an odd move on EA’s part because the FIFA games are often the reason many players buy consoles.

Because for quite a few years football simulation has been crushing all the competitors in its category. Pro Evolution Soccer is however often praised for prettier graphics… And so nicer players.

A problem that FIFA has not been able to solve for at least two years. Yes gameplay both alone and online remains a spearhead of EA Sports’ game Cheap FUT 21 Coins the realism in the tight shots left something to be desired …

A much increased realism which therefore allows FIFA fans to hope for great moments ... And especially the impression of being in the middle of the stadiums. Because here too there is change!

Not too long ago Video Games Chronicle did a critical review of FIFA 21. They concluded that the game is ‘easily the least revolutionary [instalment] with no major new modes or features to speak of.’

While the game did receive poor reviews fans will hope that the upgrade is going to bring about some positive change. If not the upgrade will not be burning a huge hole in one’s pockets if they already own the previous version. Hence it’s a win-win situation for all.

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