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How to get Icicle Mini14 skin In PUBG Mobile And Fully Upgraded Guide

The first lucky spin of PUBG mobile devices in 2021 now comes with an ice-themed skin called Icicle Mini14. The Lucky Spin Icicle Mini14 in 2121, the first PUBG mobile device in 2021, now comes with a penguin-themed skin. There are also snowflake dancers, charming reindeer, and more outfits for you to choose from. Want to learn more about PUBG Mobile’s Icicle Mini14? Our article will give you a comprehensive introduction to the information of the Icicle Mini14 skin. If you are interested, then read on.

PUBG Mobile Icicle Mini14 skin Guide And Fully Upgraded Instruction
PUBG Mobile Icicle Mini14 skin Appearance
Even if December has passed, you can still experience the Christmas atmosphere in PUBG Mobile, one of which is the Icicle Mini14 skin. This penguin-themed skin is white and light blue, which is very suitable for use with other winter gadgets and suits. PUBG Mobile Lucky Spin has a variety of accessories for you to choose from, including snowflake dancer suit, charming reindeer suit, reindeer accessories, materials, red grenade, etc. However, the main prize is the Epic Icicle Mini14 skin.
You can upgrade this Icicle Mini14 skin to Lv.7 with paint and materials. Every time you upgrade, you can unlock the unique features of Icicle Mini14:
Lv.1  Basic look with a custom muzzle, sight, and magazine;
Lv.2  Kill effect that is like a dew;
Lv.3  New look with a custom muzzle, sight, and magazine;
Lv.4  Light blue kill message and penguin motif;
Lv.5  Fish-shaped weapon ornament;
Lv.6  Final look with a custom muzzle, sight, and magazine;
Lv. 7  The loot box comes with a fishing penguin shape.

Details of UC required for lucky spin:
  • 1x spin (s): 10 UC (daily first spin only);
  • 1x spin (s): 60 UC;
  • 10x spin (s): 540 UC.
Up to 300 spins, you will get the following rewards:
  • 15 spins: 1.000 BP + 5 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap (5)
  • 50 spins: Paint (5)
  • 120 spins: Snowflake Dancer Hat
  • 200 spins: Paint (5) + Material
  • 300 spins: Paint (10) + Material
How to get the Icicle Mini14 skin
To get the Icicle Mini14 skin in PUBG Mobile, you need to try your luck in the lucky draw. Although you can get it in the first 10 UC spins of the day, the chances are small.
If luck does not support you, there is still some hope. For each spin in the lucky draw, you will get a lucky point that points to a lucky score. Once your lucky score reaches 200, you can ensure that you get the Icicle Mini14 skin on the next spin.
In addition to the above prizes, you can also get other prizes after reaching each round. If you are lucky, you can immediately get the Icicle Mini14 skin on PUBG Mobile at the price of 10UC in the first round. In addition, you can also purchase the icicle mini 14 skin directly by Buy the cheap PUBG Mobile UC. We at Z2u.com provide the fastest, safest and 24/7 service. I wish you a good gaming experience.
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