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Indie studio Crema has shared its plans for the Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem

Indie studio Crema has shared its plans for the Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem over the rest of the year. In what the studio is calling its short term roadmap, it details new features and creatures coming through the fall.

To start off, Crema plans to add ranked matchmaking, a spectator mode, in-game chat, chat bubbles, and club management to Temtem during spring 2020– in other words, pretty soon. Then, by summer 2020, Temtem players should be seeing new zones to explore and creatures to catch added into the game: specifically, the island of Kisiwa, and 25 Temtem. To accompany them, Crema will be adding player housing and climbing gear to expand players' customization and exploration options.

Rounding out the developer's short-term roadmap, fall 2020 should bring yet another 25 new Temtem, the island of Cipanku, achievements, quest diaries, in-game tournaments, and the introduction of the game's first Mythical Temtem. In addition, Cheap Temtem Pansun is on hot sale at our website 5mmo.com.

Beyond that, winter 2020 is slated to integrate 30 more Temtem of different creature types, a second Mythical Temtem, a Trading House, and upgraded versions of the game's ranked matchmaking and spectator mode. Crema has also spoken of its intentions to bring Temtem to consoles before, and currently, it looks like the developer is aiming to do that by the spring of 2021– the same time as the game itself should leave Early Access and have its official 1.0 launch for PC.

Spring 2021 will also bring daily and weekly quests, a cosmetics store, plus a mysterious "end-game island," while summer 2021 includes a third Mythical Temtem, draft PvP, and a "Nuzlocke" game mode.

While Crema clearly has lots planned for Temtem, the developer also made it clear in its post that the current roadmap is subject to change, especially things in the long-term plans. Everything on the roadmap is intended to be "not 100% confirmed," and more an outline of the things that the developer wants to add in the future.
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