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Madden 18 deserves your expectations

As you can tell by our wonderful range of NFL 18 Coins we like to the Madden series and here we are having a small amount of fun by focusing on several of the things we thought will make Madden 18 the very best game inside the series so far.

Better Pump Fake: The pump fake needs to be a feature that once handled right could be devastating but it has never been handled by doing this. Games like Fifa and 2K's NBA series do the 'pump fake right. Playing as the QB and being able to pump fake better will be awesome.

Make Your Own Play: It was actually awesome doing this way back in Madden 05 also to see it return might be a great deal of fun. Sure your play would need to fit into certain NFL guidelines but wrecking a person online will be even more satisfying if you did it using one of your own plays!

Relocating Your Team: Ok so you can already do that but it really would be a lot cooler if you have more control to pick any location any name and also go as far to build your personal logo and uniform.

A Madden NFL Arcade Mode: Look NFL Blitz has gone and the 2009 Madden NFL Arcade looks like it is hardly ever getting a sequel. But just for fun it becomes awesome if EA added a 5 on 5 or 7 on 7 NFL Blitz/Madden Arcade style of game. We are not asking for a ton of features just a fun side mode that provides entertaining co-op.

Story Mode: To be fair Madden is constantly stacked with game modes but revealed that you can have a story mode in any sports game and also have it be entertaining. We would love to see this same style of mode implemented to the Madden series.

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