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Metro Exodus is Ready to Take on Far Cry New Dawn

According to ComicBook, Far Cry New Dawn is just more of the same, well-known formula with "a new coat of paint that looks like someone threw up Fun Dip and energy drinks everywhere". If you cherished this article and also you would like to obtain more info concerning FCND Credits kindly visit our web site. They praised the writing but criticised "poor narrative structure", some of the most "predictable plot points" and "clumsy foreshadowing". They liked the Expeditions missions and Prosperity home base system though, but ultimately concluded that "the most colourful and vibrant Far Cry yet is also the most monochromatic". Their rating is 3 out of 5.

The launch trailer also reveals some familiar characters from Far Cry 5 but we won't spoil it and if you're interested to see which characters you'll encounter in Far Cry New Dawn, you can check out the trailer above. As for the gameplay, it's really the typical Far Cry experience with some minor additions like the light RPG mechanics of weapon crafting and ranked enemies. All in all, it looks like Ubisoft is still sticking to the old formula. Hopefully, the new additions freshen up the franchise which is certainly in a need for something new and different, after more or less the same mechanics and story pattern in the last couple of games.
Some would take his words as a dig at Ubisoft's title but Huw has a point to some degree. Games may share some similar gameplay mechanics but the setting, story and overall mood of Metro Exodus couldn't be more contrasting from Far Cry's. When asked about the franchise in general, Beynon talked about the first game - Metro 2033 which had "an absolutely minuscule budget" and very low expectations. But the game went on to become a "cult hit" and the sequel Metro: Last Light has followed in "phenomenal" way even though it launched during the difficult period when Deep Silver took over from THQ.
Bethesda's people behind Rage 2 Twitter were having none of it and went even further by replying with a "Spider-man pointing at Spider-man" meme followed by "Oh sweet. The game looks great" message. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything else to suggest whether this was just a bit of friendly banter between the two companies, or Bethesda actually believe that Far Cry New Dawn is excessively similar to Rage 2. Even though the similarities are probably just a coincidence, Bethesda's Rage 2 was revealed first back in May 2018, so it was Ubisoft who was late to the party with their idea of a colourful post-apocalypse.
They're led by a vicious pair of female twins, Mickey And Lou, whose appearances in cut-scenes are some of the game's real highlights excellent voice acting and a real sense of menace put these two on a par with Far Cry 3's infamous Vaas Montenegro. As you might expect, it's your job to stop them, by gathering a small army of rebels, clearing outposts, and blasting as many shirtless vagrants into the ether as physically possible. Along the way, you'll team up with various right-minded allies who'll join your cause once you carry out a simple loyalty mission or two, and they'll even fight side by side with you.
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