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MIR4 applies blockchain technology NFT and Utility Coin

Korean MMORPG MIR4 has become available on the global market with Russian language support. The game can be downloaded both on mobile devices running iOS and Android, and on a PC. True, the computer version is no different from the mobile one and even has the same interface.

The game that launched this Thursday, allows players to collect utility coins known as DRACO. Then, the coins can be exchanged for Darksteel, an essential resource used in the game, and vice versa. Utility coins or tokens are a form of cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for a good or service.

Not only that, players can also exchange for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) which players can experience through in-game characters, both of which are available in the global version.

The translate chat and chat features in the game allow players from various countries to enjoy the game together without the language barrier used.

MIR4’s unique features include:

       A high level of character customization, allowing players to fine-tune appearance
      ‘Clan’, enabling players to progress and grow together with other clan members
       ‘Free Loot’, allowing players to enjoy strategizing and competing to secure the treasure dropped from the field boss.
       ‘Mystery’, giving the ability to travel around continents and unravel the hidden stories of MIR4

MIR4 was first launched in Korea in November 2020 and was immediately successful, ranking first in download charts in major Korean app markets, and securing a solid player base. It received positive feedback from global players regarding its exciting battle system among the clans fighting over 'Valley,' the major source of Darksteel.

It is important to note that the international version of MIR4 applies blockchain technology NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Utility Coin. Players can experience blockchain technology through game characters and through black iron resources. You should always be a bit careful around cryptocurrency but if that’s something that interests you, it’s a feature in the game.

The game is released in 170 countries and in 12 languages and is accessible on different platforms and downloaded on a mobile phone or PC via popular platform Steam.

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