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MMO subscriptions increased by 223 percent after the wow classic servers opened

World of Warcraft Classic brought a chance to play the original version of Blizzard's MMO. And to play, just have the common signature of World of Warcraft and you will have access to both versions of the game.

World of Warcraft Classic may not have unpublished content, but it undoubtedly attacked the nostalgia of many people. According to Superdate data, MMO subscriptions increased by 223% after the classic servers opened. The comparison is made in relation to June 2018, when the launch was still in the rumors phase.

World of Warcraft Classic works simultaneously with the game's main servers, which continue to receive news. The version meets old fan requests, offering the game as it was in 2004. While some changes in quality of life have been made, everything else remains untouched.

wow classic

This means that WoW Classic has some bugs and issues that have been eliminated since then. This does not seem to be a problem, especially for nostalgic players who like to remember Azeroth's past. To play, simply have a valid MMO subscription, which also guarantees access to the latest content-based servers.

To play World of WarCraft Classic you have to pay $ 7.90 a month for Blizzard services. However, you can save a little with the quarterly plan, which charges $ 6.30 a month. Anyone who is really committed can also purchase the 6 month plan, where the value is down to $ 6.30 every 30 days of subscription.

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