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NBA 2K20 is One of the Best Sports Simulation

The issue has been happening since the games launch back in September and it has taken the developers until now to finally get fixed. The glitch has even caused a lot of Redditors to say that they will be putting down the game for a bit until the situation is remedied. According to Mike Wang on Twitter, the Gameplay Director for NBA 2K, the fix has been ready for a while but was pending approval, which he says takes time. Either way, fans can rest assured that a fix is finally here, and since it has finally been addressed, hopefully pushing concerns will not carry over into NBA 2K20.
Today Gearbox might've accidentally revealed Borderlands 3's launch date. The Tweet in question, which says Borderlands 3 is coming on September 13, was quickly deleted but not before it was archived. There's also evidence Borderlands 3 will be on the Epic Store instead of Steam, but this was to be expected given Take-Two's penchant for the store. This is a weird window for a number of reasons, and would put Borderlands 3 in a rather congested Q2 release window (Take-Two's Q2 is from Aug - Oct). 2K Games' biggest franchise is NBA 2K, and these games always release every year in September. NBA 2K is always seen as a guaranteed money-maker via microtransactions and game sales. Since it's a big game for 2K, it's also a big earner for its parent company Take-Two Interactive.
NBA 2K's Director of Digital Marketing Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K and Mike "Beluba" Wang among the most visible individuals associated with any video game brand in the world. Because of their accessibility on social media, both are often the target of feedback (some angry and some more civilized) from members of the 2K community. 2K Sports have asked their fans if they should add a half-court badge to NBA 2K19. Given how big of an impact badges have on players' overall performance in a variety of game modes, fans were quick to show their displeasure with the idea.
There is no context included in Montgomery's tweet, but you can clearly see she is in a 2K scanning booth. I've seen this tech firsthand and even stood inside one so I can affirm it's legit. It also makes sense because the inclusion of females and the WNBA specifically is a natural progression for the franchise. I can tell you for sure that the inclusion of females in The Neighborhood and in the game overall has been something discussed within 2K for years, but as of now, the ladies hadn't been included as playable characters. It seems the time is now for gender expansion.

That's just the pattern we've seen with the series over the past five-to-seven years, and there's no reason to expect any different. As we sit eight months or so away from release, it's time to think hard about NBA 2K20 and what we hope to see from the game. Around late August or early September, NBA 2K20 will be released for every console and PC. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to NBA 2K20 MT Points kindly pay a visit to the web site. It will sell insanely well, and it will have its supporters and detractors.
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