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New World closed beta is running, i.e. a test run with a hand-picked audience

A queue? I haven't queued to play an MMO since World of Warcraft in 2005. But earlier this week I had to wait half-an-hour to get into Amazon's New World closed beta because more than 300 people were ahead of me at 3pm. I know it's the school summer holiday but still. And that was just one European server - there are many.

From July 20 to and including August 2, the New World closed beta is running, i.e. a test run with a hand-picked audience. For the first time, the mysterious island of Aeternum can be explored before the PC online role-playing game is available to all players on August 31st.

There are tons of fine looking MMOs on the market, a few impressive ones but IMHO, nothing so far like New World that combines stunning visual effects, subtle details in the environment, stellar voice acting, mixed with thumping sound effects, and beautiful music to boot. The audiovisual portion of the game are the strongest in my short time with the beta so far.

Amazon Games promises “huge siege battles” with up to 100 players, expeditions for groups of five and “invasions” with groups of up to 50 players. Swords and firearms are used as well as magic spells. By mining and collecting materials, hundreds of items can be made, such as elixirs and weapons.

PvP level-scaling reinforces all of this. It means you have no drastic, automatic advantage because you're a higher level than someone else. Theoretically, a level 10 character can compete with a level 45 character, because stats are scaled to be equal. That doesn't mean you'll have all of the benefits of a level 45 character, like many more weapon abilities and as-strong equipment, but if you really know what you're doing, you can win.

The full game isn’t scheduled to launch until August 31st of this year. After playing so many MMOs over the past 15+ years, I am hopeful for New World. It’s got enough unique flair to stand above the crowd but it needs to embrace those differences and not try to be like other games on the market.

Anyone who pre-orders the fantasy game on Amazon or via Steam for 39.99 euros (Standard Edition *) or 49.99 euros (Deluxe Edition *) can also plunge into the closed beta. Unlike World of Warcraft, there are no monthly subscription fees - ongoing monetization takes place through optional in-game purchases.

Amazon's latest video game, "New World," has a potentially major problem: Some players say the game "bricked," or destroyed, their wildly expensive and hard-to-find graphics card.

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