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Old School RuneScape will be expanded with Darkmeyer

Here’s the good news for Old School RuneScape fans: The 2007-era MMO just unleashed its Darkmeyer update on the world, which “introduces the Sins of the Father quest, the city of Darkmeyer, and the Hallowed Sepulchre.” Lots of vampire fun, in other words.

In the Old School RuneScape, as the new mission "Sin of the Father", many players should be familiar with it. It takes you into a long-running storyline, allowing freedom warrior Myreque to try from the dreaded vampire leader Lord Dragan ( Lord Drakan) freed Morytania's dark swamp from the evil mastery. You have a chance to unlock the gate of Damermayr, the vampire city.

Besides, players completing tasks will open a new world, the inaccessible city of Dakmel, where you can find many new shops, conveniences, enemies, and skill methods, including Halloween graveyard agility courses and essence mines. As a professional secondary trading market, z2u.com, players can safely buy OSRS Accounts here to give you more opportunities to show in the game.

Essence Mine provides players with a new method of training Runecrafting skills by using the mysterious power of the mines in Darkmeyer. At the same time, "Holy Grave" is a new mini-game where players can train their agile skills by traversing a trap-filled basement that houses the dead of the ancient city of Halloween.

Furthermore, the Hallowed Sepulchre minigame will come to the game in which players can train their Agility-skill by crossing the boobytrap crypts. In these crypts, you'll find the buried people of Hallowvale. Players choose themselves if new content gets added to the game. This idea was backed by about 90% of the 55.000 votes.
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