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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genes is still not technically a sequel

Based on the title, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis absolutely sounds like a spin-off, expansion, or next-generation port of some kind—especially since it still has the number ‘2’ in the title. In reality, it’s none of those things, it’s something bigger—but still not technically a sequel.

The character creations screen will be familiar to any gamers that hopped into Phantasy Star Online 2, with some modest changes. For starters, there aren’t exactly male and female labels, only masculine and feminine options, and while there are characteristics of some of the races in PSO2 such as Humans, Deumans, CASTs, and Newmans, you can mix and match features from each of these races to create your own unique hybrid. This was a fantastic change, as I was finally able to keep my human body, while outfitting myself with a fashionable CAST head. The changes to sex and race are completely cosmetic, and there are few restrictions on what you can actually do. Custom skins for weapons and clothing can also be easily transferred from the old version of the game to the new, a feature that I was glad to make use of after collecting plenty of cosmetic options since PSO2 global launched.

For me, the delight of the adventure itself far outweighed the reliance on battle power, or the need to immediately do what’s next. The open world of Aelio is an absolute joy to run around in, in no small part because Sega made movement so freeing and fun. Every character has access to a very generous dash, double jump, and glide, which can be used to traverse nearly any obstacle in the game. “If you see something, you can go there” is such a shlocky way to describe an open world game, but it’s pretty much true here, because of the anime-esque over-the-top way that movement is handled in New Genesis.

Add in dash attacks, perfect dodges, and perfect guards, and it all means there’s more actual nuance for engaging and defending. You start off with a wide array of photo abilities, too, and in my experience with the Hunter (melee DPS) class, launchers, aerial combos, and area-of-effect slicing and dicing are all on the table. The real test is whether or not this combat system can remain interesting long term by giving us actual formidable enemies to tangle with. Right now it’s a ton of fun, leaving town and roughing up random DOLLs with random players (especially the higher-level ones that remind me of BAMS from Tera Online); but if foes don’t actually require you to use any of that nuance, it’s all moot.

PSO2: NGS will co-exist alongside PSO2 (including the PC to Xbox cross-play features) and will even let you carry over your character, some of your items and skins, and so on, just not your actual character growth and levels. They’ll be interconnected, but still separate games, and the entirety of PSO2 is getting a massive engine update and graphics overhaul to put it closer to having parity with NGS when it launches. Previously, Sega has described the games as co-existing in “twin universes”, if that makes any sense.

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