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Royal Crown is a genre that involves short, sharp bursts of action-packed gameplay

Royal Crown has been built to appeal to players looking to enjoy a classic fruit type of slot. The new title follows Spearhead Studios’ credo of designing local games for local markets and is addressed for German and Eastern European players.

Royal Crown is a battle royale game – a genre that involves short, sharp bursts of action-packed gameplay.

But it’s also an action-RPG – a genre that involves its own share of action, but also long, campaign-driven gameplay sessions where you have to gradually build up your character through looting and upgrading.

Royal Crown was initially launched in 168 countries via Early Access in April 2020 and has improved its gameplay through continuous player feedback. Starting today, Royal Crown is now also available in Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

It's important to point out that Royal Crown is also on PC because this is LINE Games' first multi-platform title that will have cross-play. The UI will naturally look a little different between the two versions but other than that they're hoping to deliver the same experience.

60 players will be dropped into the medieval fantasy-themed world to battle it out to to be the last hero or heroes standing, depending on whether you decide to play Solo or in Squad Mode. Much like a few other games such as Overdox, Royal Crown will make use of MOBA gameplay mechanics.

Kevin Corti, game development director at Spearhead Studios, said: “If you enjoy classic fruit machine slots with multiple ways to win, then Royal Crown is for you. The game is built on 5 reels and 10 pay lines and offers two scatter symbols: the dollar sign and a star symbol. Then there is the game’s signature symbol – the royal crown, which helps to make winning combinations. With wilds and both ladder and card gamble options, this is a game which will certainly keep players engaged.”

The key Royal Crown’s success is its simplicity. For instance, while the champions that you can collect fit into all the usual classes – warrior, mage, healer, tank, etc – and have a completely typical range of attributes and skills, there are only 15 of them in the entire game.

Royal Crown offers 20 unique champions and 6 classes - warrior, archer, assassin, supporter, mage, tank - to choose from, and up to 30 players can fight for victory in a real-time battlefield.

Players have to come up with different strategies to take out their competitors on the battlefield. They have to make optimal use of the environment, including monsters and resources, to produce equipment and level up their characters.

There are several modes to choose from, including the solo mode, which crowns the last survivor, as well as co-op modes such as Duo, Squad and Custom Mode, in which players can demonstrate their teamwork skills.

There's also the option to hide in bushes to get the jump on your opponents or chop down trees to create new paths to ambush any unsuspecting foes. All of the above is going on whilst the battle area slowly shrinks. There's certainly a lot to get to grips with in Royal Crown then and I'm very intrigued to see how all of these mechanics blend together.

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