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Sea of Thieves has received the much-needed Tall Tales checkpoints In latest update

Another month means another batch of piratical activities on the Sea of Thieves, and today's Lost Treasures update - a somewhat lower-key offering than usual - brings a number of quality-of-life improvements such as Tall Tales checkpoints, plus a quivering heap of new limited-time events and recurring challenges, designed to encourage regular returns.

The update brings a few improvements to Sea of Thieves' Tall Tales, starting with the descriptive tooltips on your map, which will tell you more about what you can expect on your journey. Perhaps even more important for players, though, Tall Tales will now offer checkpoints. These let you pick up where you left off in a given Tale, so no need to worry if you leave in a hurry.

New regular events will also make it easier to earn money: Every day between 10 and 11 am PT, and 6 and 7 pm PT, players will earn extra gold for cashing in loot, and every Friday will feature Fort Nights (clever), with increased rewards for stronghold items found in forts. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Sea of Thieves download, you can visit our website z2u.com.

New time-limited events are also on the way. Players can earn ancient coins by turning in Ruby Splashtails to Hunter's Call, while the Reaper's Bones is offering bonus rewards, including new emotes, for Reaper's Chests and Bounties. Beginning on June 10, a new Blighted ship set will also be available to players who can complete the multi-trading-company Blighted Bonus event, inspired by the zombie survival game State of Decay. All of the ongoing events can be followed on the new Sea of Thieves event hub.

Finally, there's an event incoming that will give pirates the chance to earn the new State-of-Decay-inspired Blighted Ship Set. Rare says full details on how to acquire the pleasingly spooksome set of undead-themed ship cosmetics - consisting of the Blighted Flag, Sails, Hull, and Figurehead - will be revealed at a later date.
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