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Season One will bring a host of new content to Rogue Company

The best hired guns in the business have received their biggest content drop to date as Season One of free-to-play tactical shooter Rogue Company begins. While the game is still free, a couple of paid options have arrived on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Let’s take a look at the Battle Pass, the brand new Rogue, and what your money can buy.

Rogue Company Season 1 starts in February
Rogue Company’s 2021 roadmap will kick off with the launch of the games first official competitive season at the start of February. The launch of Season One will bring a full rank reset for all players who are currently ranked, so everyone will be getting a fresh start heading into the new season.

Hi-Rez is also making some adjustments to the rank up system. Rather than starting every player at the bottom and having them climb through the ranks all the way up to Rogue, like the previous system, the new system will have players compete in ten placement matches. Those matches will be used to place the player into one of seven tiers. Once placed, players must battle their way through five divisions per tier as they advance to the next tier.

Once upon a time, Kestrel was involved in the Rogue Company business, but it was prior to the time that she retired and became a fashion director in search of making a fortune, but your past will never let you go. Now, Kestrel is back into action once again and shows off Halo Drones as her unique ability. These small flying drones trigger a self-explosion command whenever they are closest to your enemies. You can jump into the game now and train your skills with Kestrel.

Some of Rogue Company‘s Season 1 battle pass items will be free. As per usual, purchasing the premium pass after doing some leveling on the free version will subsequently unlock any cosmetics that you would have earned. One of these rewards is an account booster which is obtained exclusively through the battle pass. There’s a lot more to see, including new outfits and a lot of flashy trinkets to spice up your wanton acts of violence.

Also out right now in-game is the Season One Battle Pass, providing the opportunity to unlock 50 cosmetic items radiating danger, attitude and sometimes both. Hellfire Protocol Scorch supervises the operations as the ultimate reward to attain. You can progress through the Season One Battle Pass simply by playing, with many items being absolutely free; including account boosters, an all-new type of reward exclusive to the Battle Pass. There is more for anyone who purchases the Premium Pass though, priced at 1000 Rogue Bucks. Expect things like an instant reward for The Fixer, a new outfit the notorious Atlanta-based sniper.

Rogue Bucks are the importanat currency in this gameplay, which can be used to purchase additional in-game cosmetics such as Wingsuits, Weapon Wraps, and Rogue Skins - everything you need to look good while saving the day! You can buy cheap Rogue Company Rogue Bucks with z2u.com's service quality. Rogue Company Rogue Bucks prices are always offered at the most affordable prices for our customers. The right address to buy cheap Rogue Company Rogue Bucks with reliable service quality is z2u.
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