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Star Chef is a lovingly-crafted cooking and restaurant management game

Star Chef is a lovingly-crafted cooking and restaurant management game. We wanted to build a high quality social freemium game catering to the global audience, especially targeting women in the 25-60 year age group.

While Indian game developers are more than capable of releasing solid games, the shift to games as a service - running a game for a sustained period of time with frequent updates and consumer engagement - has proved challenging for most. One exception to the rule is Star Chef.

Developed by Udupi-based 99Games, this free-to-play restaurant and cooking simulator has been around for over three years on iOS, and a year-and-a-half on Android. Gadgets 360 spoke to Shilpa Bhat, Vice President - Games, 99Games, and Anila Andrade, Associate Vice President - Operations, 99Games, to find out what was needed to make Star Chef sustainable over this period of time. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Star Chef Items at z2u.com by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

Star Chef’s top revenue-generating countries consist of the US followed by Japan, China, Taiwan, the UK, and Thailand. Japan is surprising considering how many Indian developers find it a tough market to crack. We wondered what made this possible. “The only change we made was to improve the first time user experience for Japanese players where we customised our tutorial video and it looked like that this caused a bump in terms of retention and monetisation,” Andrade claims.

How Star Chef manages this transition remains to be seen, more so with a revamped App Store, and official compatibility for devices from the iPhone 5s and above. Retention could prove a challenge. Nonetheless with a vibrant community of around 280,000 users on Facebook, 99Games is looking beyond in-game retention, instead focussing on community engagement.
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