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Trials Fusion is a beautiful poem of physics and motion,awesome level max

Trials Evolution, which debuted on Xbox 360 in April 2012. It took the wonderful gameplay and physics that RedLynx established in its earlier Trials games and expanded on it with better leaderboard chasing, improved user-creation tools, and challenging achievements. Exactly two years later, Trials Fusion builds on top of that framework. Once again, RedLynx has taken its beloved, familiar franchise and turned up the quality.

In what may be an effort to spice up the setting, developers RedLynx have added the very first storyline seen in a Trials game to Fusion. Yes, there's finally a vague explanation as to why you're putting yourself through all these deadly challenges. The storyline, related by a perky female AI voice-over, goes absolutely nowhere and features some truly awful writing, made more awful by its repetition every time you replay a level to try to complete it flawlessly (a requirement to unlock the late-game content). Merificully the voice-over can be turned off in Trials Fusion's settings in the first level without fear of missing out on anything but aggravation from then on.

The RedLynx vs. All-Stars side of the DLC is far more fulfilling. For one, it represents a better range of difficulty. Clearing the first checkpoint in the two new Extreme tracks felt like an accomplishment, as it should. I haven't managed to finish either of them yet, and that pleases me.

There are also challenges on each level. These give you additional objectives to complete, whether it be flipping your bike a certain number of times or finding a specific Easter egg, adding variety to the experience that extends beyond the core vehicular action. Moreover, they guide you towards the many secrets stashed in the release – an asset that was often overlooked in previous Trials games by all but the biggest fans.

This Trials has tricks. For the first time, you can not only take your bike off of sweet ramps, but they can also fling their body off of it to score points on certain levels called FMX. Like the rest of Fusion, you can’t perform “Supermans” or “Going to Hells” by jamming on the face buttons. Instead, you must use the right stick to push the player character off the bike. The onscreen character will perform different moves depending on the direction of the stick and the orientation of the bike.

Like the rest of the controls, this scheme makes a lot of sense even if is a bit difficult. I found the levels that require me to get a high score entertaining and a nice change of pace even if I still prefer the traditional levels that have me trying to beat my friends’ times on an obstacle course.

RedLynx has made other additions to the Trials formula with mixed results. An ATV is selectable on some of the game's missions, a heavier alternative to the easily-crashed motorcycles, though it doesn't feel different enough to justify its inclusion. There's also a brand new trick system, letting you use the right analog stick to pull off fancy, wheel-grabbing maneuvers while you're in mid-air. The trick system uses the physical movements of the driver to transition from driving position to the trick and back again. It's a neat technique but leads to some truly wonky moments where arms would bend in gruesome, impossible ways and tricks wouldn't register.

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