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WOW Classic Best Professions to Make Money & Gold: Vanilla WOW Most Profitable Professions

Earning Money is one of important thing in World of Warcraft Classic, except for Buying Cheap WOW Classic Gold at the reliable game store Z2U.com, you can also farm by yourself. You can get gold by doing quests, or you can find the most profitable professions in WOW Classic. Let’s see in details.


Best Profession for Making Gold Money
The Best Professions for making gold in classic wow are mostly gathering trade skills, such as Herbalism, Mining, Skinningan easy choice if your only desire is for some easy money making. If you want to build up a crafting profession then you will want to choose a crafting trade skill that has a supply and demand type of market. For example, consumables such as potions are used regularly when Raiding or PVPing and as such there will always be a demand for them in the auction house. Enchanting provides enchants, while Tailoring has the ever important bags that allow players to carry more loot at a given time.
Gathering Professions such as herbing or mining can be lucrative at lower levels, but they’re also very time-consuming, so skip them if you want to speed your WoW leveling path to 60, as mining and herbing don’t give experience. If gold is your priority, collect everything you pass and sell it immediately. Materials are worth more in the early days of the game, when everyone is leveling Professions and wants your herbs and bars – don’t forget to smelt that ore – than at the end, when more players are flooding the market.
Skinning is likely going to be most popular choice for gathering profession because it does not slow down your leveling. Herbalism and Mining will take a little extra time when you gather nodes but worth the extra effort if you are not speed leveling.
Important Tip: Mining and Herbalism can be dual trained but only one can be tracked on the minimap. Therefore it is not efficient. Don’t do this! So recommended gathering profession choices are Mining-Skinning or Skinning-Herbalism.
Dragonscale Leatherworking - Focuses on crafting Mail Armors well-suited for Hunters and Shamans, and requires a lot of Dragonscales for its Patterns. Notable Dragonscale Leatherworking-Specific crafts are Chromatic Gauntlets (they provide some Attack Power, 1% Crit, and +5 to Nature, Frost, Fire, and Shadow Resistances), Black Dragon Mail Set (four pieces set that provides a lot of Fire Resistance and Attack Power which makes it great for Hunters and Enhancement Shamans), and Dreamscale Breastplate (which is Best in Slot for Hunters and even Warriors or Paladins for the AQ 40 Nature Resistance Gear that is mandatory for some encounters).
This article is based on my own opinions, if you have any other useful tips or different opinions, get feedback & questions and then ask me at Z2U's 24/7 live support.
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