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WoW: This classic addon turns you into a dealer

If you want to slip into the role of a trader in WoW Classic and open your own shop, you can do so recently thanks to the add-on I Am A Merchant. The modification allows you to pack items for sale in a special shop window and set a price for them. Interested players who also use the addon can then view your merchandise and slam it right in your shop.

The professions as well as the trade in online role-playing games together often form a completely unique level of play, which plays an important role for numerous genre fans. Some may want to provide themselves with their skilled crafts and poor materials. Others have set themselves the goal of generating as much gold as possible.

But no matter for what reason you let out your little merchant from time to time, in any case, you should soon try in WoW (now for € 12.99) Classic the addon I Am A Merchant. This modification allows you to pack items for sale in a special shop window and set a price for them. Once you've packed just one item in your virtual shop, you'll be highlighted with an icon for other users of the addon as an active merchant. These can then rummage in your offer and strike if you are interested. As it looks in practice, the Reddit post of the add-on developer shows:

The auction house you can certainly make no competition with I Am A Merchant. But we still find the function great, and not just for role-players who really want to open their own shop in Azeroth. Here are some details about the mod:

    Download options: Curseforge or WoW Interface
    Drag items to the Sales window to mark them for sale. Then sets the price per unit.
    With right-click you can take the items back from the "counter". Alternatively, you / iaam clear writes in the chat to get all the items out of the window.
    See friendly name tags to see if other players use the addon and sell goods.

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